About Us

Helping Brands Grow

We are all about building lasting relationships and making long-term plans. We know what consumers want and we customize our approach locally to ensure the absolute best fit for the market.

We engage with experts in brand positioning, who acutely understand their territories’ requirements and the multi-faceted distribution levels. Our tailored approach ensures the brand is in the right retailers with the right distribution, providing the customers with exactly what they want, at the right time.

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How we work

Every day is full of enthusiasm for what we do.  Our in-country offices in Turkey, India, China and Bangladesh, along with our onsite printing facility in the UK, enable us to be agile in satisfying customer needs.

Our warehousing and distribution centres are based in strategic locations in the UK, Germany, Poland, and Amsterdam, enabling us to easily service the whole of Europe.

Our story

It all started more than 25 years ago when family-run business Fashion UK burst onto the scene in Leicester. Going from strength to strength, an office was opened in London and quickly expanded into Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Poland and Benelux.

Employing over 250 people globally and with an annual turnover of more than $180m, it made sense to build on this success with the launch in 2022 of Mattu Brands, taking our brands and licensing expertise further across Europe and MENA.

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Sustainably Minded

When it comes to sustainability and caring for this wonderful planet that we all call home, all of us need to think about the environmental impact of our clothing. At Mattu Brands, we are mindful to source eco-friendly, organic and recycled materials where possible for the manufacture of our products. 

From reducing pollution and waste to making sure garment makers get a fair wage, we want to make being ‘sustainable’ just as fashionable as anything people might wear.

The Mattu Group

We’re not in this alone, we have the expertise, knowledge and support of a family of companies, all under the umbrella of Fashion UK. Between us we’ve been supplying branded products for more than 25 years. We’ve got offices in the UK and all over Europe.

We employ 250 worldwide, and along with Heroes Inc, Popgear and Global Licensing, we make a great team which offers everything from quality goods and competitive pricing to top-class service and a huge range of licenses, some exclusive to us.

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